Franks Bar

We were inspired to create an authentic bar and bistro with function, simplicity and style.

The design and materials used for Frank’s bar reflect the owners’ passion for authenticity- not only excellent food but the finer details that add to one’s holistic experience. 

The design details range from ornate ceiling boards and a beautiful stain glass window to the custom designed wire lights.  The shelving used for the bar as well as the table and chair legs were made from recycled plumbing pipes which give the bar a raw and rustic look.  The contrast created between the rustic wood and metal versus the plush leather couch makes this bar truly appealing.



Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge

A wild and wonderful setting to take inspiration from, this 5-star lodge was a true labour of love. The brief was to redesign and redecorate the entire lodge in only three months. With 360 project management, from building renovations to staff training and luxurious 5-star finishes; attention to detail was key as textures, shades, colours and shapes of the surrounding wilderness were reflected in the final design.